Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's almost Halloween!

Hello! This is my first post here and it took me a while to think of what to talk about. After buying my first pumpkin of the year today I remembered that Autumn is my favourite season!

I love carving pumpkins, they smell so good! It took me a while to get in the Halloween spirit this year. Every year I set up my room for Halloween far too early, but recently I've had a lot going on and I forgot! So I have a week to get in the mood. Even Halloween at Disneyland didn't help...

I've been lacking inspiration to draw lately so I decided to take some time to myself and get doodling. Nothing cheers me up more than finishing a drawing that I'm really pleased with! I sat down and thought of some ideas (seriously feeling some Halloween vibes that night), and here's the result:

I'm really please with how this turned out and it's definitely encouraged me to carry on drawing. This was a photo taken on my phone because I was planning to scan it later, but my messy pup got muddy paw prints all over it. Typical.

Thanks for reading! xx

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