Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dusty the chinchilla

Hello! I just thought I'd make a quick post about my baby Dusty.

So I've been having a rough time recently and I needed something to cheer myself up. I've wanted my own pet for a really long time and now I've got a job (at last!) my mama said I could get one. I wanted a bunny but my parents didn't want one in the house and I didn't want to keep them outside in the winter. My mama finally agreed to let me get a chinchilla to keep in my room, as long as she didn't have to look after it at all. Of course I agreed, so off we went to the pet store to see how much the cages would cost.


I was planning on buying the cage and chinchilla when I got paid at the end of the month. The cage that I wanted was £120 and the chinchilla was £90. That's already £210 without boredom breakers, food or hay! My mama spotted an adoption centre in the pet shop with a chinchilla at the top of the list. We asked about him and he was ready to be taken home straight away! His previous owners didn't want him anymore so they gave him back to the pet shop. He came with his cage&toys, and we bought some fresh food, hay and sawdust to freshen it up a bit. We gave them a donation of £80 and took him home that day.

He's a very curious little creature, it was tough to get a picture of him because he kept nibbling the camera! His name was Dusty when I adopted him so I kept his name. The owners didn't know how old he was and there isn't a way to tell, but chinchillas can live to the age of 20+! I love him so much, I just had to draw him.

And here's a cute one of the both of us, just for fun!

And if you decide to cuddle a chinchilla, don't wear all black...

Thanks for reading! xx

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